Barbarian Life is my first published game. Its build with Godot engine and
is available for Android devices. The game has free version with ads and a paid
ad free version. Currently in open beta. There is also older web build on

Will be released January 21 2020

Music used in the game is from

Bloody combat

Take part in simple to learn but dangerous and challenging combat. Cut
down your enemies with your main weapon or take their weapons and use them
against their allies.

Random sequence of 5 maps each play trough

Each play trough is 5 minute series of 5 randomly selected sequence of
maps. The game will make a story for you based on the maps selected. This
will keep each play trough unique.

20 different maps

Game features 19 different maps that take place in places like dense
dangerous cities, beast filled jungles and strange otherworldly realms.

18 different enemies

Face 18 different enemies from angry local drunks to inter dimensional monstrosities.

5 different playable tribes

Play 5 different tribes. All tribes have unique stats like speed and health.

Go for highest score you can

Gain points on your way to your final battle by slaying your enemies fast
as you can, throwing enemy weapons at distant enemies and avoiding getting hit
by your foes. Compete against others on leader boards.

Older web build